How I Lawyer Podcast with Jonah Perlin

Must listen for first gen, prospective law students

Bottom line up front: The host asks thoughtful, pragmatic and interesting questions of prominent attorneys in a myriad of practice areas.

Background/ perspective:

The only lawyers I “knew” growing up were LT Daniel Kafee & Atticus Finch. I start law school in a few months. I’ve tried many law school niche podcasts and was pleasantly surprised to find one I genuinely enjoy listening to.


I’ve found this podcast to be an efficient (45 min at 1X but definitely able to listen at 1.5X) and quality way to learn more about different types of law.

Since listening, I’ve had a noticeable improvement in my own abilities/ confidence in conducting my own informational interviews—- as that’s essentially how the host structures each show.

Not currently in law school but plan to continue listening as I decide which type of law I want to practice.

Audio quality is 💯( it’s professionally produced)

Host is a Georgetown law professor

May 28, 2022 by RLwilliams2012 on Apple Podcasts

How I Lawyer Podcast with Jonah Perlin