Nov. 19, 2021

#041: Suchi Pahi - Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Lawyer

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In this episode I speak with Suchi Pahi who is a data privacy and cybersecurity lawyer who currently works as a Senior Privacy and Product Counsel at Databricks. She previously served as a Director of Privacy and Business Affairs and Acting Chief Privacy Officer at Rally Health and before that as an associate in the data privacy and cybersecurity practice groups at two major law firms: Greenberg Traurig and Baker Hostetler. She is a regular speaker on data security topics and holds her CIPP/US certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. In our conversation we take a deep dive into the worlds of data privacy and cybersecurity (and the differences between the two). We also discuss Suchi's path to these practice areas, ways to pivot to this practice area, the increasing importance of these practice areas in today's legal landscape, and how lawyers who work in these areas can be effective by being genuinely curious, excited about new technologies, empathetic listeners, and most of all ready to work in emerging areas of the law that are rapidly evolving. If you enjoy this episode, make sure to sign up for future episodes at or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.