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Amazing Resource and So Fun!

This is a terrific podcast for law students, future law-students, current lawyers considering a career change, and more. As a legal writing professor to first-year law students, I recommend this podcasts to my students and even incorporate some into my syllabus. Such a great addition to the podcas…

Must-Listen for Lawyers and Law Students

This is a must-listen for current and future lawyers alike. I’ve been an attorney for about a decade, and I learn something valuable in every episode, whether the guest has had a similar career path to mine or not. Jonah is a great host, with insightful, thoughtful questions. Very glad to have disc…

Great podcast

Really great listen, especially for law students navigating early career decisions!


A terrific podcast and a must listen for new, young, and experienced lawyers alike. Great guests and well produced. Subscribe!

Every episode is gold!

This is an absolutely fantastic podcast for lawyers at all levels. It has several practical tips on how to navigate legal profession, law school, networking, legal advocacy, ethics, clerkship, and above all mentorship from the best of this profession. Legal profession is so much more than just th…

Invaluable Resource!

With every episode, Jonah Perlin continues to add to the superb and wide-ranging cast of current and former lawyers who share vignettes about their law school experience, legal practice, and at times, reasons they no longer practice. As a soon-to-be law student, I’ve appreciated the opportunity to …

A must-listen for law students

I highly recommend this podcast to law students and new lawyers! The conversations are honest and educational, akin to Guy Raz's "How I Built This.” Professor Perlin's thoughtful interview style and genuine curiosity elicit practical, in-depth responses from guest attorneys. I've learned how divers…

Excellent and dynamic

I am loving learning from all these amazing guests. The breadth of the experience is inspiring and the host really let’s folks shine. Can’t wait for the next episode!

More of this please

I’m another 3L who suffers from career analysis paralysis. There are times when I’m listening to the podcast and I forget that Jonah didn’t make it specifically for me. Jonah, the host, is naturally curious, patient when probing, and has consistently crushed booking a wide range of really awesome p…

Great resource!

As a young lawyer, I often wonder how other lawyers do the job. This podcast answers that question and more. It’s a great resource and I look forward to many more episodes.

Highly recommended for young lawyers and law students!

Professor Perlin asks any and every question that young and aspiring lawyers want to know in order to be successful. Highly recommended listen!

Excellent Podcast

I will take any chance I can get to pretend I’m back in the classroom with Professor Perlin!

Fantastic Resource for Law Students or Anyone in the Legal Profession

In law school they teach you a lot about the law, but not a whole lot about what lawyers actually do. This podcast is a fantasic resource for anyone who wants to learn more about different career paths and options that exist in the legal field. As a law student myself, I can say that it's unlikely …

Much needed podcast

Thanks to Prof Perlin for putting together a podcast that lets every listener have that “how’d you get there, and what do you really do?” conversation without actually attending a networking happy hour or finding an opportunity to chat with a speaker after an event.