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Insightful Journeys

Jonah’s podcast does an excellent job of sharing the myriad of journeys that others have taken within the legal industry. It is a masterful series and one that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Mark C. Fava

Very insightful and quite entertaining. The best podcast for law students and lawyers thinking about their careers and all the opportunities a law degree presents!

Opens new worlds!

This show is fantastic—it’s an insight into different possibilities in the law that I’d never imagined, and it gives great tactical advice for those following more well-trod paths. Highly recommend it to any law student or person considering attending law school.

entertaining and educational

I loved Partner Track Netflix series, did a quick search across social media platforms and found Jonah’s podcast with author Helen Wan. All the questions and topics of conversations were exactly what I wanted to ask her. Then I started listening to other guests on other episodes, very entertaining and informative, even for someone 20+ years in the business. Looking forward to hearing more!


This is a super informative podcast for anyone interested in learning about the legal profession. As you listen to various practitioners discuss their backgrounds and legal experiences, you will gain insight into the many exciting areas of the law and learn valuable personal life lessons. I highly recommend it!

Legal culture fluency

Beyond mapping various career paths, this is an incredible access point and tool for legal cultural immersion. A lot of law students who might not be as fluent in the language and lingo will benefit. Professor Perlin also doesn’t have an annoying podcaster voice which helps!

Great podcast for law students

Jonah interviews leading lawyers and learns about their practice. I wish I had this when I was a law student and young lawyer!

Great insight for how law is practiced in the U.S.

Jonah’s How I Lawyer podcast provides unique insights of how the law is practiced in the U.S. from stories of real practitioners in almost every practice area. The content is invaluable to internationally-trained lawyers from around the world. Many of us come to understand the American legal system through legal TV shows and movies, and spend the rest of our career correcting our impression from American TV lawyers.

Great podcast

I love listening to this podcast. Jonah Perlin always hosts interesting, accomplished, passionate guests who inspire and motivate attorneys like me. If you’re looking to re-engage with your practice and learn from experienced lawyers of all specialties, this is a great source!


The podcast is thoughtfully geared toward law students and new lawyers, but I’ve been practicing 20+ years and still enjoy it.

Great for lawyers and non-lawyers!

There are myriad different kinds of lawyer and this shown is a great way to learn about them. I never miss an episode.

Unique insight into the practice of law

As a law school professor, I regularly assign and recommend episodes to my students as they sort through what kinds of lawyers they want to be and think about what their day-to-day practice will look like. The insights of practicing lawyers across a diverse range of practices will interest students and lawyers alike. The podcast is also incredibly well-produced. Professor Perlin is a pro!


This is a refreshing and excellent podcast. While an amazing resource for law students and new attorneys, ever episode provides valuable insights and perspective for seasoned lawyers too. Keep up the great work Jonah!

I always learn something new

I wish I’d had this podcast when I started law school. Every week, Jonah really leans into the “How” of the legal profession with his guests. The variety of practices and approaches gives listeners a chance to learn about what works and what doesn’t, to borrow ideas for their own day-to-day, and to think long-term about the many (and often circuitous) paths lawyers take in their careers.

Always interesting and useful

A great series. For young and old lawyers as well as people thinking about a legal career.

Great resource for law students!

I just recently found this podcast, it’s such a great resource for current law students! I listened to episodes #40 and #38 so far (interested in environmental law) and they have so many great takeaways and are filled with actionable advice.

Great Podcast- Applicable Beyond Just Law

I’m not in law school, but med school. However, this podcast impacted the way I study, write, and think about material learned in my school curriculum. The guests are each unique. The stories of their journeys and the advice they give can be applied to anyone entering a professional field. I truly believe some of the thought provoking content will one day help me bring a unique perspective to, and leave a greater impact within the field of public health.

Top podcast for lawyers (and non-lawyers)

Jonah’s podcast is terrific - from engaging guests to spot-on questions, the conversations flow and make this one of the most engaging podcasts. It’s great for lawyers and law students, or even those curious about the stories behind some of the most notable lawyers in America. Well done!

so helpful

Super helpful for clarifying what exactly lawyers do while working in different areas of the law. Reccommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about what lawyers do but also to anyone who is applying to law school and feels a little unsure about what direction to go in and if they're right for the profession. (p.s if you fall into the latter category: you got this!)

Excellent Podcast - Not Just for Law Students

I’ve always had interest in law and our legal system. This podcast was recommended by a Legal Writing professor. I listened to the recommended episode, then I subscribed. I started at #1. I just listened to #62. I enjoy listening to Professor Perlin and his guests. There are great company while driving, working around the house, etc.

Excellent podcast

I am a mid-career attorney and I recently stumbled upon this podcast. It is very thought provoking and covers a wide variety of topics, so everyone should be able to find an episode deeply relevant to them. Jonah is an excellent host, who asks very thoughtful questions. I recommend this to anyone interested in becoming a lawyer or anyone currently practicing law.

Wonderful Podcast!

Jonah is a fantastic interviewer. His interviews focus on how the interviewee developed their careers. I really appreciate hearing about that. I wish I had discovered this earlier in my career.

Great podcast for young lawyers

I wish I had this when I was starting out. Deep, thoughtful perspectives from a variety of lawyers, practice areas, and experiences.

Great legal podcast for attorneys at all stages of their careers

I always look forward to Jonah Perlin’s How I Lawyer podcast! This is a great resource for both new attorneys seeking professional advice, and more seasoned attorneys who need a reminder about why they became lawyers in the first place.

Amazing podcast

As a rising second year law student, I’ve loved listening to this podcast and learning about the breadth of law jobs that exist - which law school usually doesn’t teach you about! Will certainly keep listening.

Must listen for first gen, prospective law students

Bottom line up front: The host asks thoughtful, pragmatic and interesting questions of prominent attorneys in a myriad of practice areas. Background/ perspective: The only lawyers I “knew” growing up were LT Daniel Kafee & Atticus Finch. I start law school in a few months. I’ve tried many law school niche podcasts and was pleasantly surprised to find one I genuinely enjoy listening to. Highlights: I’ve found this podcast to be an efficient (45 min at 1X but definitely able to listen at 1.5X) and quality way to learn more about different types of law. Since listening, I’ve had a noticeable improvement in my own abilities/ confidence in conducting my own informational interviews—- as that’s essentially how the host structures each show. Not currently in law school but plan to continue listening as I decide which type of law I want to practice. Audio quality is 💯( it’s professionally produced) Host is a Georgetown law professor

Incredible Show for Law Students and Lawyers

When is a podcast like having a personal legal career mentor? When it’s How I Lawyer with Professor Jonah Perlin. Every episode features uniquely relevant information about the art of lawyering presented through an engaging conversation with legal thought leaders. I just finished the episode with Professor Heidi Brown, and I think her perspective is a game changer for law students.

Illuminating Podcast

Professor Perlin has an absolutely star-studded lineup of guest speakers. This podcast has greatly expanded my view of what I can do with a law degree. He is also a great follow on Twitter!

Fantastic Podcast, Invaluable for Law Students

As a first gen law student, I came into law school with a really narrow idea of what “being a lawyer” looks like. Listening to interviews with attorneys from such a wide range of practice settings and career paths has really opened my eyes to the exciting breadth of possibilities within the profession, and I’ve found that to be invaluable. In addition, the conversations themselves are just as interesting and wide-ranging as the slate of guests. How I Lawyer is a must-listen for anyone eager to learn more about the legal arena and the lives of those working within it

Invaluable for Incoming Law Students

As a first-gen incoming law student, I have found Prof Perlin’s podcast to be an incredible resource, one that’s allowed me to explore a variety of legal practice areas and career paths!