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Fantastic Resource for Law Students or Anyone in the Legal Profession

In law school they teach you a lot about the law, but not a whole lot about what lawyers actually do. This podcast is a fantasic resource for anyone who wants to learn more about different career paths and options that exist in the legal field. As a law student myself, I can say that it's unlikely I ever would have submitted apps for positions related to higher ed had I not listened to a guest on this show go through what she likes so much about the field. For someone with little podcasting experience, he really does a great job. 10/10, can’t wait to see who’s on the show next.

Much needed podcast

Thanks to Prof Perlin for putting together a podcast that lets every listener have that “how’d you get there, and what do you really do?” conversation without actually attending a networking happy hour or finding an opportunity to chat with a speaker after an event.