Dec. 2, 2021

#043: How I Mentor (Special) - Introducing the Legal Mentor Network with Executive Director Chrystal Mauro

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In this week's special mini-episode I speak with Chrystal Mauro about the newly founded Legal Mentor Network where she serves as Executive Director. The Legal Mentor Network (full disclosure: I sit on the Board of Directors) is a new, non-profit, FREE mentorship program connecting law students and recently barred attorneys to more senior members of our profession. Like the How I Lawyer Podcast, the Legal Mentor Network seeks to provide alternative channels for the informal networking that we know is so important to the future of our profession especially during such challenging times. 

The brain child of Brian Potts (Episode 38) and several others, the program has already matched over 1,000 law students and newly admitted attorneys with mentors in their preferred localities and fields of legal practice. Mentors love it. Mentees need it. And it has led to hundreds of new relationships, not to mention the dozens of young professionals who have landed jobs they otherwise would not have obtained. Operating informally since 2020, with the generous support and contribution of founding sponsor DLA Piper LLP, the informal network has been able to form a new non-profit organization, build a website, recruit an amazing executive board, and now the Network can begin implementing a larger, more formal (but still free!) nationwide mentoring program for years to come.

If you want to learn more please read the press release available here.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy the episode and consider signing up as a mentor or mentee at