Feb. 16, 2022

#053: Robert Ingalls - Legal Podcast Producer, Trained Lawyer, and Small Business Owner

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In this episode I speak with Robert Ingalls who is the Founder and Chief Strategist at LawPods—a company that produces branded podcasts for some of the premier law firms in the world. I have gotten to know Rob over the past several months since LawPods started editing the How I Lawyer Podcast and became a sponsor of the show. If you are interested in lawyers that choose to pivot from the everyday practice of law or if you have ever been curious about why lawyers might want to podcast or how to try it yourself, this is the episode for you. Rob started his career practicing criminal law, civil litigation, and estate planning. But after some time in the trenches he decided to pivot from the formal practice of law to focus on more creative and entrepreneurial pursuits like helping lawyers and law firms create professional podcasts. 

My conversation with Rob was one of the most fun I have had to date. We discussed his decision to become a lawyer, some of the struggles he had when practicing law, his pivot to working with lawyers that want to podcast, how his legal training has served him well since starting a small business, the power of storytelling and audience for 21st century lawyers, the ways that starting a podcast can help lawyers build networks and communities, and the importance of embracing who you are and what you want to do every day when choosing a professional path. 

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This episode is sponsored, edited, and engineered by LawPods, a professional podcast production company for busy attorneys.