March 16, 2022

#057: Jesse Mosier - Startup Lawyer with a Focus on Latin America

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In this episode I speak with Jesse Mosier who is currently the General Counsel at Migo, a financial technology company that offers embedded lending and credit solutions in emerging markets. He spoke with me in his personal capacity about his career path and what he has learned along the way. Prior to joining Migo, Jesse was a corporate and financial transaction attorneys focused on Latin American startups and venture capital at Gunderson Dettmer in San Francisco and an associate at Cleary Gottlieb in both the firm's New York and Sao Paulo offices. Prior to law school, Jesse worked in politics as a Director of Constituent Services for a Member of Congress. He is a graduate of NYU and holds a Master's Degree in International Relations from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. He completed his Master's Degree jointly with his law degree at Georgetown Law where he was my classmate.

In our conversation we discuss Jesse's path from Wall Street firm to boutique VC practice to in-house GC; why he pursued a master's degree in addition to a JD (and what he learned from it); his consistent focus on practicing law with a focus on Latin America; the importance of his time working at a US law firm's Brazil Office (including how he hosted oyster pop-up's in Sao Paulo while he was there); techniques for succeeding in a fast-moving transactional practices; and navigating the challenges of being in a two-working parent family with two young children. 

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