March 30, 2022

#059: Jean Lee - President & CEO of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association

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In this episode I speak with Jean Lee who is the President and CEO of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA), the nation's leading organization focused on hiring, promoting and retaining women and diverse attorneys by providing cutting-edge research, best practices, and training.

Prior to joining MCCA, Jean served as Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at JP Morgan Chase & Co. where she worked on consumer litigation and regulatory matters. Before joining JP Morgan Chase & Co. in 2011, she worked on litigation matters at a boutique litigation firm in New York City. She started her career as a law clerk to the Magistrate Judge John J. Hughes in the District of New Jersey and before law school was a practicing social worker. She is a graduate of NYU (from which she also holds an MSW in Social Work) and Rutgers Law. 

In our conversation we discuss her path from social worker to litigator to regulatory lawyer to non-profit leader; what she does each day as a non-profit leader (and how her legal training prepared her for it); what MCCA does and how it provides a data-based approach to important diversity, equity, and inclusion work; the similarities and differences between diversity, equity, and inclusion; what firms and corporate legal departments are doing well and what they can do better in terms of DEI initiatives; how law students and junior lawyers can better assess the DEI commitments of their future employers; and so much more. 

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