May 24, 2022

#067: Dr. Diana Uchiyama - Executive Director of the Illinois Lawyers' Assistance Program (Mental Health Month Collaboration with Personal Jurisdiction Podcast)

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**This month, May 2022, How I Lawyer is teaming up with the Personal Jurisdiction Podcast ( to feature five interviews on the important topic of mental health in the legal profession. This is episode #4 in this collaboration. Learn more here.**

In today’s episode, Personal Jurisdiction hosts Hallie Ritzu and Allison Freedman speak with Dr. Diana Uchiyama who is a lawyer & psychologist helping people struggling with mental health and substance use issues as the the Executive Director of the Illinois Lawyers' Assistance Program. 

Dr. Diana was previously the Administrator of Psychological Services for DuPage County and worked for the Kane County Diagnostic Center, as both a Staff Psychologist and Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator. She also has an extensive background doing court ordered psychological, sanity, fitness, and sex offender evaluations and therapy. She has implemented numerous changes to court ordered programs both in Kane and DuPage County and is a certified trauma informed care trainer. Prior to obtaining her masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Uchiyama was an Assistant Public Defender in Cook County. She obtained her law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law.

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