Sept. 22, 2022

#082: Mauricio Noroña - Immigration Lawyer

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In today's episode I speak with Professor Mauricio Noroña who is a Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor of Law at the Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic at Cardozo Law School. In that role, he supervises Clinic students on individual and impact litigation matters and drives large-scale immigration policy advocacy projects. Before joining the clinic, Noroña was the supervising attorney at African Services Committee where he led a team providing comprehensive legal services to immigrants and asylum seekers in New York City, and before that he worked as a solo immigration law practitioner. In law school, he was a Haywood Burns Fellow in Civil and Human Rights. 

In our conversation we discuss his path to immigration law; the ways in which immigration law is a unique practice area with unique challenges for lawyers and clients; his own experiences as an immigrant to the United States and then as a solo practitioner, non-profit supervising attorney, and now clinical professor; how he thinks about his own participation in the system; the different ways to be an immigration lawyer today; and more. 

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