Oct. 7, 2022

#084: Sateesh Nori - Housing Rights Attorney

In today’s episode I am excited to speak with Housing Rights Attorney Sateesh Nori. Sateesh went from pursuing human rights law as a career to working in housing court in Brooklyn. He spent more than twenty years as a legal services attorney at The Legal Aid Society of New York City (including most recently as Attorney in Charge of the Queens Neighborhood Office) and Bedford Stuyvesant Community Legal Services. In those two decades Sateesh became a manager, started teaching as a clinical adjunct at NYU, wrote a book, and even ran for judge. Born in India, Sateesh was the first South Asian attorney to direct a borough-wide office of a legal services organization in New York City. This past spring he took a step back from his front lines representation in housing court to join JustFix, a tech company focused on providing access to justice in the housing space.

In our conversation we discuss his somewhat circuitous path to Housing Rights Attorney (and why he almost never practiced as an attorney at all), the unique nature of housing court, managing a significant and court-intensive docket, working in a broken system, his transition to legal tech, the use of technology as a path to greater access to justice, and more. 

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