Oct. 21, 2022

#086: Ashley Herd - HR & Employment Lawyer, General Counsel, TikTok Creator

In this episode I speak with Ashley Herd who is the founder and CEO of Manager Method where she helps employers and employees through training, coaching and tools that are engaging and actionable. Previously she was the SVP of People & Legal at Modern Luxury, an Associate General Counsel at McKinsey, a Legal Director at Yum foods, as well as in-house counsel at several other companies and as an employment lawyer at several private law firms. You may have seen Ashley on LinkedIn or TikTok where she has more than 120,000 followers for her fun and interesting videos to teach about HR and legal issues. Ashley is a graduate of Emory Law and Centre College.

In our conversation we discuss her decision to become a lawyer from a very young age; the impact of her pre-law school work in corporate America on her professional journey; why she loves working in the employment & HR space; the differences between employment litigation, employment counseling, and day-to-day human resources; how to connect the human parts of her work to the professional and legal requirements; how to share bad news in ways that are effective; what she learned by leaving a great job to move to Australia with her family for several years; why (and how) she became a content creator and how that plays a (mostly) positive role in her professional life; and more. 

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